Athlete.Yogi.Traveler is an active lifestyle company that blends the principles of Mindset, Alignment and Training for Life to enhance the way athletes think, train and perform.


Olympian Yoga & Pilates

Created by Athletes, for Athletes. A customized program, workshop or sessions that are sport-specific and designed for the athlete or team.

The method

MAT movement

A mobile and global movement empowering Athletes in Sport and Life with a focus on Mindset, Alignment and Training for life.

The movement

About AYT

Created by Olympic medalist, Jaime Komer, and former Professional Athlete, Matt Komer. Your go-to resource in mental & physical balance and lifestyle for the Athlete.

The team



Jaime Komer

Olympic Medalist | International Instructor | Chief Experience Creator | Co-Founder. Get to know your Olympian Yoga & Pilates Instructor.

“In my sport of Freestyle Aerials, I wish yoga and pilates had been more intertwined in our daily training and conditioning. The body awareness, low impact, flexibility and strength brought about by both are a great asset to not only my sport but all sports. After retiring, however, I have enjoyed doing both yoga and pilates because of the low impact on my body yet still giving me the result of staying strong.” 3-time Olympian, Tracy Evans | US Freestyle Ski Team, Aerials

MAT move-ment: \’mat \'müv-ment\

(1) : The act or process of practicing yoga and pilates with athletic communities. (2) : A foundation of physical health & positive mindset that translates directly into one’s lifestyle. (3) : A mobile and global movement.