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Sit much? This read is for YOU.

April '15

Essential oils

Make your own affordable au naturale spray


What's that smell?

What’s that smell?


Resistance Stretching

Gluteus (Awesomeness) Resistance Stretching


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Jaime Komer

Olympic Medalist | International Instructor | Chief Experience Creator | Co-Founder. Get to know your Olympian Yoga & Pilates Instructor.

“In my sport of Freestyle Aerials, I wish yoga and pilates had been more intertwined in our daily training and conditioning. The body awareness, low impact, flexibility and strength brought about by both are a great asset to not only my sport but all sports. After retiring, however, I have enjoyed doing both yoga and pilates because of the low impact on my body yet still giving me the result of staying strong.” 3-time Olympian, Tracy Evans | US Freestyle Ski Team, Aerials

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